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2019 - 2020

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#ISayNO - State Fund against gender based Violence

The #ISayNo initiative, co-financed with the State Fund against Gender-based Violence, focuses on raising awareness of the importance of sexual harassment as a form of gender-based violence that constantly undermines gender equality, both in the physical world and online, and on combating the normalization of these forms of violence, which is a pervasive feature of young women's daily life experience.

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2019 - 2020

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FormaPro Well-Being

This project, co-financed by Obra Social la Caixa, provides teachers and professional youth workers with the tools, skills and abilities to effectively manage the enormous ill-being that today affects youth at individual, relational and collective level in different social settings.


The ill-being in the educational settings is a constant and growing. More and more teachers and youth workers encounter normalized behaviors and patterns of (self) abuse, violence and a hyper sexualization of daily life in young people. Especially when it comes to sexuality and sexual health education, most of the professionals do not have the capacity to face the challenges of this paralleled virtual and hyper-sexualized socialization that has been silently normalized and strongly affects the well-being of both youth and professionals.

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2017 - 2018

© Iris Pohl

Sexual Health, Healthy Body, Healthy Relationships

This project was in search of where young people are today, to support them, in relation to three central interrelated problems: sexual health, the quality of the relationship with one's own body and the social relations we establish with others, highly influenced today by the immense offer in pornographic matter easily accessible through the Internet.

The creation of a hypersexualised society, the result of the enormous supply and demand for pornography, and the consequences of which have been magnified thanks to the exaggerated use of social networks by young people, has made a significant impact on sexual health, the quality of the relationship with one's own body and the social relations we establish with others.

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2014 - 2015

© Javier Trueba

The school as a space of connection, coexistance & education in values

This project was a pilot experience of applyinga methodology of change in secondary level educational contexts based on a holistic approach of well-being anchored in, and focused on re-connecting with, the body. This empowering body education project (in a broad sense) allowed the construction of wellness records in the bodies of the participants that made it possible to change the close relationship previously established with the world of wellness. It also made it possible to associate the world of values with the quality of our relationship with our own body and the quality of the relationship with others.

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2014 - 2015

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Value us: Young people re-
constructing Responsibility & Social Integration

This project developed and implemented an Education for Development proposal that could be added to the Catalan school curriculum based on the human development paradigm, that is, on the idea of empowering people and broadening their choice capacities. The project allowed for more clarity on four crucial questions:What does empowerment mean? What does it mean? What is necessary for people to broaden their capacity for choice? What stands in their way? This project was co-financed by the Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament.

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Feeling Ourselves

The 'FeelingOurselves' project aimed to create 'safe spaces' separated by sex to give both adolescent boys and girls the opportunity to express themselves openly and reflect together on some key issues: violence in everyday life, one's own body, sexuality and love. This project was financed by the Indera Foundation.

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Aikido at School: Building a space free of Violence

The aim of this project was to combat bullying.inthe school environment and to create a space free of violence as a starting point to improve the well-being of those who live in them on a daily basis and for the benefit of the entire educational community. To these effects, we worked on the role of the media and social networks in the creation of roles and stereotypes that help to generate situations of harassment and we worked on the technique of aikido understood as a resource to dissuade those who prefer to relate to others through violence.Project financed by Obra Social Fundació 'La Caixa'.

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Image by Anna Samoylova

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Young Migrants for peaceful Coexistence and social


This project was a pilot test of innovative ways to address the problem of bullying and other modalities of systematic school violence, emphasizing non-violent conflict resolution, revision, deconstruction and reconstruction of gender relations, intercultural coexistence, based on dialogue and the construction of shared meanings.

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Finding the Wise Women

The objective of this project was to help change the way of seeing history and its protagonists through the vindication of the role of women, and in particular of the so-called wise women, generally absent from the collective memory, in the construction of modern society.


This project was co-financed by the Diputació de Barcelona.

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Global citizens transforming Borders: Migratory Processes, Rights & Demands

The aim of this project was to organize the International Seminar "Global Citizens Transforming Borders: migratory processes, rights, demands and perspectives", held in Barcelona on 17 and 18 May 2011. This seminaraddressed the growing feminization of immigration and the need for policies that effectively address this fact as part of a political agenda that refuses to continue with the invisibility of women and a policy agenda that seeks to advance some key issues.

This Project has been co-financed by the Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament.

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© Lucy Sherriff

How women's lives are shaped within' the migration & development relationship

The objective of this project was to open a shared space for analysis and debate between cooperation actors and people working on migration issues with a view to understanding the migration-development link, questioning the dominant imaginaries on women's migration, and questioning the dominant imaginaries on women's migration, advancing in capacity building to improve women's quality of life, and the transformation of their roles in societies of origin and destination. This project, carried out in consortium with the NGO Cooperacció, had the support of the Diputació de Barcelona.

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