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2017 - 2018

Sexual Health, Healthy Body, Healthy Relationships

This project was in search of where young people are today, to support them, in relation to three central interrelated problems: sexual health, the quality of the relationship with one's own body and the social relations we establish with others, highly influenced today by the immense offer in pornographic matter easily accessible through the Internet.

The creation of a hypersexualised society, the result of the enormous supply and demand for pornography, and the consequences of which have been magnified thanks to the exaggerated use of social networks by young people, has made a significant impact on sexual health, the quality of the relationship with one's own body and the social relations they establish with others.


And yet youth live a sense of normality based on sexual abuse and violence, where the percep-
tion of relationships and consent is deeply biased. The way of relating to each other is based on relationships through intimidation, cyber-bullying, sexual harassment, etc. triggering cases of physical and psychological health problems. These are more worrisome with the emergence of new forms of sexual health problems such as chronic pain in young women, addiction to pornography, normalized sexual abuse in social networks and beyond.

The project "Sexual Health, Healthy Body, Healthy Relationships" (SSCSRS) has been an ambitious attempt to present an alternative to the current status quo and put into practice a multidimensional approach to sex education for the construction of individual and collective well-being based on a simple idea: the quality of the connection with one's own body is key to say no to what does not honor such a level of quality and to establish a new sense of normality in relationships with others that also lead to the generation of personal and collective well-being.

Project co-financed by La Obra Social La Caixa.


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