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Let's Work Together!


Here are some ways we can work together

If you like what we do and want to support you can also donate and with this support us to expand.

Get Involved

Partnerships & Networking


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Through partnerships and networking we bring together different skills, resources and stakeholders with the aim to not only solve problems, but to uncover the root causes of the issues we observe in society today.


This allows us to understand and address deeply entrenched problems that individual organizations, or even whole sectors, are not able to tackle on their own.


For this reason we work locally, nationally and internationally with multi-sector partnerships including businesses, governments, NGOs and other community-based groups.

Volunteering & Technical Expertise


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You are an expert in the areas we are working in and you would like to support us with your experiences and expertise? Or you work in a similar area and share our goals? You are a University student and are interested in building your skills and capacities?


We have agreements with the University Pompeu i Fabra, University of Barcelona, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and others. 


Contact us and in a personal meeting we can define how to work together.


Membership & Donations

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With your membership you support us to expand and implement our projects and activities.​ According to your Budget you can choose the monthly or annual amount you would like to contribute.


You can also support us with a single donation, which can be also directed to a specific initative, or if you are interested that one of our projects shall be implemented in a specific area or with a specific target group you can donate the financial support for its impelmentation.


Contact us to look into how we can work here together or donate and inform us about your specific cause and interest.

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