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© Iris Pohl

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If we step back for a moment and take an honest look at the state of the world, it is clear that we are yet to establish a way of life that supports all people to flourish equally.

There are still enormous discrepancies in wealth, employment, access to education, protection from violence, human rights, health and wellbeing and overall quality of life across the many cities, towns, regions and countries that make up the globe.


Even after all of the advances towards gender equality and women’s human rights, women still find themselves marginalised and discriminated against in various areas of life, whether they are living in the throes of an oppressing regime or the most seemingly liberal societies. 


© Iris Pohl

The suffering of women is likewise reflected by the suffering of men. The stereotypical versions of being a man that are championed and rewarded by the world on one level, are having a devastating impact on men’s health and wellbeing. From the high rates of ill mental health and suicide amongst young men, to the physical, psychological and sexual violence of men towards women, to drug and alcohol dependence, gambling addiction and lifestyle related illness and disease… the statistics speak for themselves. 

It is clear that change is needed for all people, regardless of the body they are in.


But how do you develop the strength to make positive change in your life, when faced with discrimination, social disadvantages or entrenched cycles of abuse?


INDERA: Building The Power Within


At INDERA, we support women and men to build the power within by developing a loving relationship with themselves first.


This relationship begins by reconnecting to the body. Our bodies are remarkable. When we take the time to listen, our bodies can communicate a practical intelligence that shows us when we are truly caring for ourselves, when we are making loving choices, and when we are not. 

As we begin to listen to the body and make more and more self-loving choices, the body naturally responds and we start to feel a lovely quality within. This inner quality becomes our compass for navigating through life. It provides us with the ability to recognise abuse, and gives us the strength to say no to it.


At INDERA we support both women and men to realise the full power of their agency and develop resources that will support them to live a life of true wellbeing.

"Empowerment is not defined by our achievements but by our capacity to make choices for our well-being."

The Power of Agency


Caring for ourselves is extremely powerful. Our daily choices make an enormous difference to our lives, and ultimately the world around us. When we live by example, we become agents of change. The intelligence of the body holds all people equally. When listening to and caring for our body is the focus, this care and love naturally flows out in the way that we interact with all others. Through the quality we move and express with, we set new social standards that are free of the discrimination and self-abuse that has become normalized in the world today.


Resources that support wellbeing


INDERA supports people to identify and develop resources in their 
lives, that support them to consistently make choices for their own 
wellbeing. This includes: 


  • Embracing body awareness as our number one resource. This sets the foundation for the entire human, social and material resources we then build our life around.  


  • To strengthen and enhance our capacity to make good use of social, human and material resources that support our individual and collective wellbeing. 


  • Looking at resources that support a deeper quality of wellbeing in the body. For example, what is the quality of relationships we have,  what and who are we spending time with? What is confirming, advancing us and what is keeping us small? What and who supports and confirms our self-worth? What supports our body? 


© Iris Pohl

If you would like to learn more about INDERA's programs on Empowerment, contact us!

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