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2019 - 2020

FormaPro Well-Being

This project, co-financed by Obra Social la Caixa, provides teachers and professional youth workers with the tools, skills and abilities to effectively manage the enormous ill-being that today affects youth at individual, relational and collective level in different social settings.


The ill-being in the educational settings is a constant and growing. More and more teachers and youth workers encounter normalized behaviors and patterns of (self) abuse, violence and a hyper sexualization of daily life in young people. Especially when it comes to sexuality and sexual health education, most of the professionals do not have the capacity to face the challenges of this paralleled virtual and hyper-sexualized socialization that has been silently normalized and strongly affects the well-being of both youth and professionals.


Through professional training and the development of educational material based on the methodology Sexual Health, Healthy Body, Healthy Relationships, this project provides the professionals with tools, knowledge and skills that will allow them to experience a clear improvement in terms of well-being in their lives. The experience of the increase in the level of well-being, and the learning that this entails, is giving them the authority and necessary guidance to effectively apply it to the different spheres of their lives (including the professional one) and to promote changes in others in the same direction.


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