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INDERA is a non-profit organization working internationally for gender equality and women’s human rights worldwide. Founded in 2007, INDERA has been raising awareness and delivering projects that inspire a much needed paradigm shift.


INDERA envisions a world where everybody is provided with the resources and opportunities to live and express the qualities of love, tenderness, nurturing, sensitivity, awareness and strength that are natural to us all, regardless of gender.


INDERA aims to empower people of all ages, professions and backgrounds to embrace their power within. We understand that simple daily choices can have a big impact, both personally and globally, to shift patterns of abuse, ill-health and inequality. This makes way for empowerment, harmony and true wellbeing to become our everyday experience.

We Educate

We educate on the power of role modelling, in the understanding that meaningful change can only occur if we live by example.

We Advocate

At INDERA, it is our experience that true change is possible, but that it can only be achieved when the outer world and the inner world are given equal focus. 

We Develop

We develop educational materials, resources and conduct research to strengthen the capabilities of people and institutions. 



Partnerships & Networking

Through partnerships and networking we bring together different skills, resources and stakeholders with the aim to not only solve problems, but to uncover the root causes of the issues we observe in society today. 

Volunteering & Technical Expertise

You are an expert in the areas we are working in or a University student and interested in building your skills and capacities? Contact us and in a personal meeting we can define how to work together.

Memberships & Donations

With your membership you support us to expand and implement our projects and activities.​ According to your Budget you can choose the monthly or annual amount you would like to contribute.



This two-year project, co-financed by the European Union, in collaboration with organizations from Serbia, Croatia and Hungary, seeks to prevent the normalization of violence in social media platforms, especially online sexual harassment and teen dating violence. 


The main goal is to give visibility and put violence that occurs through social networks in the spotlight, without trivializing it or despising its power just because it is not exercised through direct contact.



Most Recent

Living a life of well-being is the ultimate empowerment. There is no greater treasure than feeling at ease and settled in our own bodies, no matter what life throws at us. And no matter how far we have departed from this inner settlement, returning to ourselves and what we are feeling in the body is always our greatest strength.


#ISayNo to Revenge Porn
#ISayYes to my body
by Fundación Indera
by Fundación Indera
"Hey Girl"
by Robbie Boyd.
"So Lovely"
by Tina Kopa & Catherine Wood.
Interview, "Rachael Revisited".
Natalie, with Love TV.

#ISayNo to sexual abuse

This is one of the videos created by Fundación Indera for the european project "I can choose to say no. Empowering youth, especially girls, to stand up against cyber sexual and gender-based violence in intimate partner relationships, 2019-2020".
"INDERA - Well-being is our Foundation"

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